Victoria Dorsano

Certified health + life coach helping business professionals find sustainable health solutions — helping clients feel balanced, present, alive & well.


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Victoria Dorsano

A 30 year old lifestyle & health coach looking to make a difference.

What She Does

Victoria helps people break self-sabotaging behaviors to get unstuck and move toward their health & life goals. She helps when diets don't by providing evidence based guidance on how to elevate your life.


First, let's just talk!

Typically we spend 10-15 minutes on our first call just getting to know each other to see if it’s a good fit. It’s just a fun, casual conversation to build trust & rapport. We’ll see if it makes sense to have a longer call.

It's About Building Trust

I want to show you possibilities that could lie ahead for you if you do decide to hire me.

And, Listening to You

After our initial call, we plan next steps via a deeper conversation where I listen to your goals.


How we help our clients

  • - Creating healthy relationships and boundaries
  • - Creating health environments that support your goals
  • - Moving through work & life transitions together
  • - Designing and implementing self-care practices
  • - Buiding mental resilience and growth mindset

Victoria works with clients on a dynamic range of issues — including, Weight loss, improving fitness, body image related issues, low self-esteem, anxiety reduction, lifestyle management for those with chronic conditions like M.S., smoking and drug cessation, feeling overwhelmed and stuck, handling conflict in relationships, work transitions, emotional eating, lack of motivation, overcoming self-sabotaging behaviors and much more.

Victoria’s programs have changed my entire outlook on healthy lifestyles! It’s not just fad diets and detoxes, but a way of living that is genuinely manageable and true to you.

- Melissa S

Victoria starts every day with a leap out of bed as soon as the sunlight peeks through the blinds. After some time spent ruminating over a cup of coffee she heads for the gym with her husband. Before jumping into work with her clients, she takes a look at her planner of notes (already carefully organized the night before). She spends the majority of the day working with her clients as well as posting to her online community and content to social media.

Coaching comes naturally to Victoria, while making her way through the Biology program at Loyola University she worked as a Physical Therapist’s Aide at the Illinois Bone and Joint Institute. This is where she first discovered how people hold their own potential within themselves - their success relies greatly on their attitude. She dug deeper into psychology and the power of a growth mindset and even created her own program for young athletes called Team One Discovery.

Along with her ability to inspire others and zeal for life, Victoria helps others achieve their goals with everything she learned throughout her Health Coaching Certification. While working with others Victoria combines her knowledge of nutrition, health, fitness and psychology to help them meet their goals without falling trap to the lies the health and fitness industry sells in the media.

Outside of her coaching business Victoria is an active adventurer that enjoys spending time with her husband. They go on bike rides and shoot hoops together and she considers meeting Chris one of the most important days in her life. Chris is the man who introduced her to Jesus Christ and helped her realize the importance of sound spiritual health.

Victoria grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. She worked summers at the pool and played on one of the most competitive volleyball clubs in the area. She also spent a few years living in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico as her mother wanted Victoria and her sister to experience life outside of the United States as well. She learned to speak Spanish and studied it all through college.

Besides starting a successful business, Victoria has coached CEOs and professional athletes and helped them achieve their dreams. She led one of her clients to win the 2017 National Hotrod Association car racing championships. Her favorite part of working with others involves seeing them breaking free of their own limiting beliefs and watching their goals turn into accomplishments.